Education for Good

We know that through education we can offer opportunities to those who need them most. That’s why we are committed to a business model that puts people before profit.

Education provides people with a key to the world. Our mission is to open doors for all and inspire a generation of explorers.

Our Purpose

What we do:

For every student we teach, we will teach another from a disadvantaged background. On a one-for-one basis. We donate time, expertise and funds to support children and charities in the home countries of our students.

We use our voice to actively participate in causes aligned with our values. Our events programs include speakers from international charities, fundraising activities and involvement in events like International Women’s Day or Refugee Week.

We are not a passive institution and encourage our students to become involved both as a way to promote good, and to immerse in language.

Why we do it:

The opportunity to learn should not be limited to those who can afford it. Travelling across the world to study English as a foreign language is a unique and immersive experience that builds confidence and provides better job prospects. However these options are simply not available to everyone. Our mission is to give young and disadvantaged people a chance to learn essential skills that will enrich their lives, regardless of their economic position. We want to inspire the next generation of explorers, wherever they are.

How we do it:

We partner with organisations that share and support our mission to provide education where it is most needed. We commit funds that would otherwise constitute profit.

For every week a student studies with us, we will donate a week to charity from their country or region. We utilise existing local charities and donate either a teacher, or the equivalent funding for classes.

Our Latest Report

Our Projects

  • Brazil - Mais Caminhos

    Our first project abroad fully funded from revenue from the courses and students in the UK is in partnership with NGO ‘Mais Caminhos’ in Rio de Janeiro. We chose this organisation for their shared values and knowledge of teaching and caring for people from a less privileged background. Quality education, resources and teachers are often lacking in Brazil’s poorest communities. Mais Caminhos is delivering an English course for teenagers aged 12-16 years old who couldn’t otherwise afford tuition, financed by a grant from Bayswater Foundation.

    We are happy to report that the program got off to a great start! The response from the students and parents was overwhelmingly positive. Thank you very much for everything.

    Maria Dupuy, the General Manager of Caminhos

  • Colombia - Fundacion Caminos

    Our second partnership is with Colombian NGO ‘Fundación Caminos.’ You don’t have to have camino (path or route in English) in your name to work with us, but it helps! Like our programme in Brazil, we are funding an English programme for 12 – 16 year olds from some of the most difficult neighbourhoods in Medellin. This organisation offers a safe place for teenagers to meet, learn and play sport.

    “The progress is going well, students bit by bit are able to create their own sentences and hold basic conversations. At the beginning of the classes the students are a bit nervous to talk in English, but during the classes the students relax and therefore are able to understand and talk more.”

    Said Sabine Bouwmeester who runs the programme and teaches the students.

  • UK - Summer Uni programme for refugees

    In Summer 2019, Bayswater Education ran summer camps for junior students at university campuses around the UK. In keeping with our one-for-one model, Bayswater Foundation successfully delivered a two-week programme in August for refugees at the University of Nottingham who would never have the same opportunities as our students. 47 adults and teenagers took part in the programme which aimed to empower both groups through English and break down the barriers faced when trying to access higher education and finding paid employment.

    The programme included English language and academic skills classes, taster lectures, career guidance and soft skills workshops. We also hosted a variety of guest speakers from organisations such as UK Naric who helped participants navigate the UK education system. Participants learnt about starting up a business with a graduate of TERN (The Entrepreneurial Refugee Network) and got involved in inspirational workshops about innovation, volunteering and coping with culture shock. After mixing with volunteers from the university and other attendees from around the world, participants left the programme more confident communicating in English and with a support network for life.

    “I joined this programme as it was a chance to break down barriers and meet new people. I avoid meeting new people because of the language barrier so I wanted to improve my English. Also, I have got useful information about how to apply for a job, write a cover letter and other useful workshops. I would recommend this programme to others – especially for people who are lost or depressed. The biggest problem for refugees is loneliness. It’s good to get out of your comfort zone – even if our comfort zone isn’t very comfortable!”

    Rakhim from Chechnya

  • Scholarships with RefuAid

    Bayswater Education and RefuAid have teamed up to offer scholarships to refugees in London. RefuAid is a small charity aiming to support refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK access education and employment in line with their skills and potential. We established a partnership in April 2018, having discovered their shared values about the importance of access to education for all. The language scholarships will enable people who have been forced to leave their home countries to rebuild a life for themselves here in the UK. Through English classes and pastoral support, we hope that this opportunity will provide people with the skills needed to access education and find meaningful employment.

    Bayswater has been a perfect place to improve my English skills. Now I am so happy because I can see that my goal of passing the IELTS with a score of 7.0 is in reach. This will allow me to register with the Health and Care Professions Council, and help me return to working in my profession in the UK

    Shervin*, RefuAid scholar from Iran

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