Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions set out the agreement between Bayswater Education, "Bayswater" (Registration No. 11089784 Registered Office: 167 Queensway London W2 4SB), and students enrolled on any course (as defined below) at any Bayswater centre.

When students book a course, they will need to confirm that they have read and understood these Terms & Conditions. For any questions or clarifications about these terms please contact us via the website.

These Terms and Conditions relate to Adult Language & Professional courses, Family programmes and Day Camps in our Year-round centres. Adult English Language courses are open to students aged 16 and over. Adult French Language courses are open to students aged 15 and over.

Additional terms and conditions relating to groups and summer programmes for junior students will be shared with you prior to booking but may also be found on the Bayswater Summer (www.bayswatersummer.com/).

These Terms and Conditions were last updated on 17 January 2023.


Applicant - The person who is applying to enrol at one of our centres. 

Student - The person who is studying at one of our centres. 

Parent/Guardian - All natural parents, or any person who, although not a natural parent, has parental responsibility for a child or young person. The term Parent is deemed to include the role of ‘Guardian’ (a person who has been appointed by a judge to take care of a minor child personally and/or manage that person’s affairs). The Parent is deemed to be the person responsible for the payment of fees. 

Parental Consent Form - The Parental Consent Form allows a parent or other legal guardian to give consent for their child to participate in activities, attend events, or for Bayswater Education to use information related to the child for a specific purpose.

The Centre - The centre at which the student studies, also referred to as Bayswater Education, “We, Our”.   

Agent - The person or organisation that the Parent or Student has entered into a contract with directly (and separately) for the provision of services relating to educational services. 

Third-Party - Third Party Fees - an external provider that Bayswater Education may use to provide services, such as accommodation or activities. The fees that the third-party provider specifies would be non-negotiable. 

Arrival Date - the date in which the student arrives in Bayswater Education accommodation/private accommodation or starts a course whichever is sooner.  

Admissions - the team that manages applications and enrolments pre-arrival. 

Scholarship Bayswater Education/Sponsored - a student who has a financial guarantee letter, which states that their Government or Embassy covers the cost of specific tuition for a specified period of time. 

Enrolment - a student who has been through the application stages and now has a booking at one of our Bayswater Education centres. 

LOA 'Letter of Acceptance' - A letter issued after receiving payment for the non-refundable registration fee. 

Code of Conduct - a document that lists the behaviours that are acceptable when studying at Bayswater Education. 

Personal Data - personal data as defined in the Data Protection Legislation.  

1. Personal Information

  1. Bayswater Education needs to see and copy the Student's passport (and visa if appropriate) and to maintain up-to-date Personal Information. 

  2. It is the Student's responsibility to provide this information and update Bayswater Education if anything changes. 

  3. Please refer to Bayswater Education's privacy policy for details of how we store personal information. Please find a copy of the policy here https://www.bayswater.ac/privacy-policy

2. Visas

  1. Students are fully responsible for complying with all requirements of the appropriate immigration authorities both before or during their stay in their chosen country: Visa requirements are subject to change, and it is the responsibility of the student to arrange all applicable travel permits or visas and to have a valid passport and leave to remain for the whole period of study. The student may be asked to make payment in full prior to the issuing of any of the visa documentation referred to below. For under 18 students, completed documentation from a parent or guardian will be required before a student visa can be issued. Visas are not required for online-only programmes.  

    Canada: Our centres have Designated Learning Institution (DLI) status with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). We will provide you with a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to assist you with your visa application, if applicable. The LOA is issued after receiving payment for the non-refundable registration fee. 

    UK: If your application is successful, we will provide you with an offer letter for a Visit visa (6 months) or Short Term Study visa (STSV, 11 months). See the following website for further details: https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration. Please note an STSV can only be used for the course and school on the initial visa application. The student cannot transfer to another provider during their stay in the UK. New immigration rules were introduced in January 2021 after the UK left the EU. Students from the EU are now subject to post-Brexit UK immigration rules, but can still travel to the UK with minimal immigration checks under the Visitor Route for short trips or study for up to 6 months. To study for longer than 6 months, EU students must apply for a Short-Term Study visa (STSV).

  2. Bayswater Education is not authorised to advise students on Visa processes and regulations. Students can refer to the following websites or speak with a registered immigration consultant. 

    UK - https://www.gov.uk/browse/visas-immigration

    Canada - IRCC: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship.html.

    France - https://france-visas.gouv.fr/en/web/france-visas/

    South Africa - http://www.dha.gov.za/index.php/applying-for-sa-visa

    Cyprus - https://mfa.gov.cy/requiring-visa-to-enter.html

  3. If Bayswater Education believes that the student is not able to or does not intend to follow the Course, it may not allow the student to enrol on the Course.

3. Payments

  1. To reserve a place on a course, you must pay the full tuition, registration, and any additional fees in full before you or the student starts the course.

  2. A non-refundable deposit is required at the time of application for all full-time courses.

    UK - 200.00 GBP

    France/South Africa/Cyprus - 200.00 EUR

    Canada - 185.00 CAD

  3. Full payment must be received at least 30 days prior to the course start date.

  4. Students are responsible for any bank fees incurred during the payment process.

  5. Tuition fees cannot be transferred to another student.

  6. Tuition fees do not cover the cost of other materials and services that may be required, including, for example, examination fees, bank charges, insurance, etc. 

  7. Course and accommodation are only secured for the period that has been paid for in full.

4. Scholarships

  1. Scholarship students will not be allowed to start their course without either a financial guarantee letter or tuition fees paid in full.

  2. Any fees paid directly to Bayswater Canada will be refunded to the fee payer upon receipt of the guarantee letter.

5. Refunds

UK, France, South Africa & Cyprus

  1. Cancellations

    1. All cancellations or course withdrawals must be made in writing to Bayswater Education ([email protected]).

    2. The following fees are non-refundable: deposit, registration, courier, accommodation placement, bank charges, or credit card fee(s).

    3. A refund will not be provided in any circumstances where the student has supplied fraudulent, forged or deliberately misleading documentation.

  2. Tuition Refunds before Arrival

    1. In order to get a full refund, the student or agent needs to notify Bayswater of the cancelation, in writing, 14 days or more before the course start date. 

    2. If the student or agent cancels their course less than 14 days before the start date, the student will be charged 4 weeks of their tuition fees. 

  3. Tuition Refunds after Arrival

    1. No refunds for tuition will be granted once the arrival date has passed. 

    2. Refunds will not be issued for any unused tuition or accommodation due to expulsion as a result of poor attendance, or disciplinary issues, and any unpaid fees will become payable immediately.

  4. Cancellation Due to Visa Refusal

    1. If a visa application is refused, Bayswater Education will refund tuition fees provided that the student presents the original visa refusal document from the relevant Immigration Authority.  

    2. Bayswater Education does not refund if the visa refusal is linked to fault from the student (missing documents, wrong documents, wrong intention), only if fault from Bayswater Education; students could postpone and re-apply for the visa but depending on the cancellation date some fees might incur. 

    3. Refunds may take up to 4 weeks to process once Bayswater Education receives the visa refusal document.

    4. No refund will be issued if the student is expelled from the country of study by the local Immigration Authority.

  5. Accommodation Refunds before Arrival

    1. Students wishing to cancel any booked Accommodation will pay a cancellation fee that will vary according to how much notice of cancellation in advance of the start date the student has given, as follows:

      Notice of more than 14 days - no cancellation fee

      Notice of 0 -14 days - a cancellation fee equal to 2 weeks' accommodation fees 

  6. Accommodation Refunds after Arrival

    1. Students leaving their accommodation must give at least 4 weeks notice in writing.

    2. After deducting the price of accommodation used, including the required notice period charged at the standard accommodation rate, accommodation fees in excess of the accommodation period will then be refunded. 


  1. Written notice of withdrawal or dismissal may be delivered in any manner, provided that a receipt or other verification is available that indicates the date on which the notice is delivered. 

  2. The registration fee is non-refundable. The only exception is for situations where a student does not meet our minimum admission requirements. 

  3. For all study permit bookings, the refund to which a student is entitled is calculated based on the total tuition fees due under the contract. Where total tuition fees have not yet been collected, Bayswater Canada is not responsible for refunding more than has been collected to date, and a student may be required to make up for monies due under the contract. 

  4. Where a student withdraws or is dismissed from their program, Bayswater Canada will refund fees paid for course materials, if not provided to the student. 

  5. Refunds owed to students must be paid within 30 days of Bayswater Canada receiving written notification of withdrawal or refusal of a study permit, or within 30 days of Bayswater Canada’s written notice of dismissal. Refunds owed to a student who fails to attend his/her courses will be issued within 30 days after the date on which the first 30% of the hours of instruction would have been provided had the student attended their courses. 

  6. Refunds are payable to the individual or agency that remitted the original payment to Bayswater. 

  7. All fees, including but not limited to tuition and materials fees, are non-transferable. 

  8. Tuition Refunds Before Arrival 

    1. If a notice of withdrawal is received by Bayswater Canada within seven days of signing the enrolment contract, and before the program start date, 100% of tuition and all related fees, other than the application fee and PAL deposit fee if required, will be refunded. Related fees include administrative fees, application fees, and assessment fees. 

    2. If a notice of withdrawal is received by Bayswater Canada at least 30 days before the program start date indicated in either the most recent Letter of Acceptance, or in the enrolment contract, whichever date occurs later, Bayswater Canada may retain up to 10% of tuition, to a maximum of 1,000CAD.  

  9. Tuition Refunds After Arrival 

    1. If a notice of withdrawal is received by Bayswater Canada after the program start date, and after up to and including 10% of instruction hours have been provided, then Bayswater Canada may retain up to 30% of tuition.  

    2. If a notice of withdrawal is received by Bayswater Canada after the program start date, and after more than 10% but before 30% of instruction hours have been provided, then Bayswater Canada may retain up to 50% of tuition.  

    3. If a notice of withdrawal is received by Bayswater Canada after the program start date, and after more than 30% of instruction hours have been provided, no refund is required. 

    4. If a withdrawing student does not attend the first 30% of instruction hours, Bayswater Canada may retain up to 50% of the tuition.  

  10. Cancelation Due to a Study Permit Refusal 

    1. If a study permit is refused, Bayswater Canada will refund 100% of tuition, less the Registration Fee, provided that the student presents the official refusal letter from IRCC. 

    2. Bayswater Canada will not issue a refund if the student submits the study permit refusal after 30% of instruction hours have elapsed since the program start date indicated on either the most recent Letter of Acceptance or the enrolment contract, whichever date occurs later. 

  11. Enrolled student fails to meet admission requirements 

    1. Where a student did not meet the institutional and/or program-specific minimum requirements for admission through no misrepresentation or fault of their own, the registrar may order Bayswater Canada to issue a refund of all tuition and fees paid under the contract, including the application fees. 

  12. Accommodation Refunds 

    1. Accommodation Bookings Fees are non-refundable 

    2. Accommodation Refunds Before Arrival 

      1. If written cancellation is provided to Bayswater Canada 4 weeks or more before the start date of homestay, all homestay fees will be refunded except for the non-refundable Accommodation Booking Fee.    

      2. If written cancellation is given to Bayswater Canada within 4 weeks of the start date of homestay, all the homestay fees will be refunded except for the Accommodation Booking Fee and 2 weeks of accommodation fees.  

    3. Cancellation Due to Visa Refusal 

      1. In case of a visa refusal, all homestay fees will be refunded including the Accommodation Booking Fee if 1) the student informs Bayswater Canada at least 2 weeks prior to arrival, and 2) the student provides Bayswater Canada with written verification from IRCC that the visa has been denied. 

    4. Cancellation After the Commencement of Homestay 

      1. If a student wishes to withdraw from the homestay program, a minimum of 2 weeks’ written notice must be given to Bayswater Canada. Any fees paid for the remaining weeks in a homestay will be refunded.  

      2. If a student fails to give 2 weeks’ notice, Bayswater Canada will deduct 2 weeks of accommodation fees from any fees paid for the remaining weeks in the homestay. The remaining balance will be refunded. 

    5. Changing Homestays 

      1. If a student wishes to change homestays due to non-emergency reasons, they must provide 2 weeks' written notice and pay a new placement fee. 

    6. Other Accommodation Refund Policies 

      1. Additional specific cancellation policies for some residence accommodations listed on the Bayswater Canada pricelist may apply. 

      2. No refund will be granted to students who are dismissed from homestay due to a breach of law, policy, or regulation as determined by the government of Canada or the police.  

      3. Minor students under Bayswater Canada’s custodianship cannot cancel homestay. 

  13. Airport Pick-up and Drop-off  

    1. In case of flight detail changes or a cancellation request, Bayswater Canada must receive new flight information or written cancellation at least 48 hours before the flight, in order for the student to avoid penalty fees.  

    2. If a student misses a flight or if the flight is delayed, it is their responsibility to contact the emergency line indicated on their homestay or transfer confirmation.  If the student fails to do so, they will be charged for another airport pick-up or drop-off. 

6. Administration of Courses

  1. Requests to change the time or date of classes of course must be made at least two weeks in advance of the start date. All changes are subject to availability and at Bayswater Education's discretion. 

  2. The duration of the course or the time allotted to complete the course will not be extended by unauthorised absences, uncertified illnesses, or the payment of additional fees. 

  3. Bayswater Education reserves the right to change teachers, lesson times, and rooms and to combine classes for different courses at its discretion. 

  4. Bayswater Education reserves the right to change the details of its services, including courses, facilities, accommodation, and course dates, where circumstances beyond its control necessitate such changes or where the number of enrolments is not enough to operate a course viably. 

  5. Bayswater Education reserves the right to change a student's schedule during their enrolment.  

  6. Canada - Student Grade Appeal Policy

    If a student is not satisfied with a grade they have received, they can follow Bayswater Canada's Grade Appeal Policy within 5 days of receiving the grade.

    The Academic Director of Bayswater Calgary, Toronto, or Vancouver will accept written descriptions of all disputes.

    All disputes will be addressed and settled within 10 business days of receipt of notification.

    If the student is not satisfied with Academic Director’s resolution, they are invited to continue the appeal as per the Dispute Resolution Policy.

7. Language Courses

  1. The language of instruction in all language classes shall be the target language.

  2. Students must take Bayswater Education's online placement test before the start of their course to determine their level of study. 

  3. If a student does not have the minimum language level required to study on a specific course, Bayswater Education reserves the right to move the student to an appropriate course for their level.  

  4. All lessons are 45 minutes in duration unless otherwise stated. Programmes run from Monday to Friday. 

8. Attendance

  1. Because Bayswater wants students to get the maximum benefit from their course, students should be on time and attend all their classes every day.  

  2. Students must arrive at classes before the published start time and return promptly after the break. Students who arrive more than 10 minutes late, or miss more than 10 minutes of class, will be marked absent.

  3. If a student is persistently late, they may be excluded from the Course.

  4. If students cannot come to school, they must report their absence in advance or the day of by contacting the Student Services department.  

  5. If a student is absent due to illness, a doctor’s note will be required if students are absent for 5 days or more due to illness.  

  6. Students should attend 100% of their course but are required to maintain a minimum of 80% attendance on the program. Students with attendance below the percentage required will not receive certificates at the end of their programs.   

  7. If a student's attendance falls below 80%, Bayswater will begin the attendance warning process. Please find the procedure here:

    If a student’s attendance falls below 80%, they will receive a written attendance warning. Students who get warnings must come to class every day in order to improve their attendance. Parents, agents, and/or sponsors will be notified of an attendance warning when appropriate. 

    Students with attendance warnings must maintain 80% attendance for four weeks. Students with a warning who fail to maintain 80% for four weeks will be put on attendance probation.

    If students maintain 80% for the next four weeks, they will be off probation, but must still maintain 80% attendance for the next four weeks or they will be back on attendance probation. 

    Students who fail to maintain 80% attendance for four weeks after being put on attendance probation or who are eligible for attendance probation three times in a 12-week period will be terminated from the school. 

    In the event of a dismissal, Bayswater will provide an expulsion letter, which will instruct the student to either immediately transfer to another school or immediately return to his/her home country. Parents, agents, sponsors and the Immigration Authorities will be notified.

    Students may be eligible for a refund within 30 days of dismissal in accordance with the Tuition and Refund Policy. 

9. Holiday & Course Breaks

  1. The Bayswater Education price list indicates closure dates each year, and these will vary from centre to centre.

  2. Bayswater will not make up or issue a refund for any classes for national holidays in which the school is closed. 

  3. Students must submit their vacation request at least 2 weeks before their vacation.

  4. Students must receive written approval before being absent. Otherwise, absences will be recorded.

  5. The maximum length of your course break depends on how many weeks you have enrolled in your course at Bayswater:  

    12 to 23 weeks: 2 weeks

    24 to 35 weeks: 4 weeks

    36 or more: 6 weeks

  6. All vacations start on a Monday and end on a Friday, and they are a minimum of 1 week.

  7. Students who are away for 6 weeks or more may be asked to retake the level placement tests.

  8. Students must ensure that they are still legal to study when they return from vacation. They must be able to finish their studies while following the rules and conditions of their visa.

    Canada - Students in the University Preparation Program are not eligible to take vacations.

10. Accommodation

  1. Bayswater Education acts as an intermediary between accommodation providers and students.

  2. Bayswater Education can arrange accommodation for students, subject to availability.

  3. When a student's first choice of accommodation is not available, they will be given the opportunity to select an alternative type or cancel their accommodation request.

  4. We aim to release accommodation details 14 days prior to the arrival date, subject to receipt of full payment.

  5. Accommodation bookings are charged on a weekly basis. Sunday to Saturday, Sunday to Sunday, or Saturday to Saturday would all be calculated as ‘one week’. If a student wishes to arrive earlier or depart after a week, they will be charged on per night basis on a pro-a-rata basis.  All accommodation bookings are subject to availability.

  6. Any request to change accommodation after arrival will be dealt with at Bayswater Education's discretion and subject to availability.

  7. There is no obligation for the homestay to spend a specific amount of time with the student.

  8. We have a zero tolerance to illegal substances or law-breaking. Students found breaking any national laws will be expelled, and the student may be reported to the relevant authorities. We will not be responsible for any associated costs.

  9. Students will be charged to cover any damage or breakages caused to the accommodation as a result of the student's actions.

11. Transfers

  1. Bayswater Education can arrange airport transfers on arrival or departure.

  2. This service is subject to availability and to payment in advance.

  3. Additional charges may apply for excess waiting times incurred.

  4. Students are responsible for supplying full and correct information on travel requirements and for updating this information as and when necessary. This includes arrival airport, flight number, and city of origin.

  5. Bayswater Education will only refund airport transfer charges if cancelled more than 48 hours before the transfer date.

12. Student Code of Conduct and Dismissal

  1. Bayswater is committed to a safe, educational and nurturing environment for all students and staff. Bayswater fully supports and complies with all applicable federal, provincial and municipal laws and ordinances. 

  2. Students are expected to adhere to the following: 

    Comply with all Bayswater facility rules, policies and regulations. 

    Treat others with dignity and respect. 

    Participate in class at all times.  

    Treat all Bayswater facilities, resources, and equipment with care and respect. 

    Refrain from misuse of alcohol, tobacco, and controlled or restricted substances. 

    Abide by the terms of their study permits and visas, if applicable. 

    Abide by all laws, statutes, and policies of the jurisdiction. 

    For the avoidance of doubt, Bayswater Education views unacceptable behaviour as including, but not limited to, causing damage to property, causing disturbance or nuisance, abusive or disrespective conduct, failing to observe fire and safety rules, and smoking other than in authorised areas and selling or consuming alcohol or illegal drugs on Bayswater Education's premises.

    Any student who intentionally or negligently causes damage to Centre property will be expected to pay the full cost of repairing or replacing such property.

  3. In general, the following steps will be taken for violation of this Bayswater Code of Conduct. 

    1st Offense: The student will be reminded of the rule that was broken and given a verbal warning. If the student is a minor, the student’s parent or guardian will be informed of the violation. This warning will be dated and placed in the student file.

    2nd Offense: The student will be given a written warning which will be dated and signed by the student and the Bayswater staff member. The student’s sponsoring agency or agent will be notified, as will the student’s parent or guardian if the student is a minor. A copy of the written warning will be included in the student file. 

    3rd Offense: The student will be expelled from the program and will be given an expulsion Letter, which will instruct the student to either immediately transfer to another school or immediately return to his/her home country. Expelled students cannot continue their studies at any Bayswater centre. The student’s sponsoring agency or agent will be notified, as will the student’s parent or guardian if the student is a minor. A copy of the Expulsion Letter will be included in the student file.

    If a refund is due to a student, the refund will be processed within 30 days of dismissal in accordance with the Tuition and Refund Policy.  

    If the student owes tuition or other fees to the institution, Bayswater may undertake collection proceedings for the amount owed. 

    Bayswater reserves the right to immediately bypass the normal disciplinary process in cases of extreme violations or serious misconduct. Any bypass of the normal disciplinary process must be approved by the Managing Director of Bayswater UK, France, South Africa, Cyprus, or Canada.  

  4. Canada - Respectful and Fair Treatment of Students Policy 

    Bayswater is committed to ensuring that its learning environment promotes the respectful and fair treatment of all students.  

    While on Bayswater premises, accommodation, or during activities or events hosted by Bayswater, the following activities are prohibited: 

    Bullying, violence, threatening language, racial harassment or any other form of harassment or discrimination.

    If under any circumstances, a prohibited activity occurs, the following outlines the process for addressing the activity: 

    Students should report the situation in person or in writing to the Managing Director or Center Director of their centre, who will take immediate action to prevent further problems.

    Individuals found responsible for these actions resulting in disruption or negative impact on the school environment will be subject to disciplinary action that could include suspension or dismissal from Bayswater Canada.

  5. Canada - Sexual Misconduct Policy

    Please find the link for the policy here.

13. Photography & Video

  1. Bayswater Education regularly takes photographs or video footage of students participating in activities and collects written or video student testimonials for promotional purposes, both printed and online. Any student who does not wish to participate may advise Bayswater Education at the time of booking or at the time of photography. Students will be informed when videos or photos are being taken and may choose not to participate. Students who are invited to provide testimonials or to have individual or small group photos taken will be informed of their use and will be given a consent form at the time.

14. Force Majeure

Events outside Bayswater Education's control

  1. Bayswater Education will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform or delay in the performance of, any of its obligations in relation to providing a course or accommodation that is caused by events outside its reasonable control (Force Majeure Event).

  2. A Force Majeure Event includes any event beyond Bayswater Education's reasonable control and includes (without limitation), the following: fire, natural disaster, acts of government, acts of terror, failure of suppliers or subcontractors, labour disputes, or other reasons which are outside Bayswater Education's control.

  3. Bayswater Education's obligations in relation to courses or accommodation are suspended for the period that the Force Majeure Event continues.

15. Liability

  1. Bayswater Education shall not be liable for any loss or damage which arises out of or in connection with or as a consequence of a student's use of Bayswater Education's premises, accommodation, or organised activities.

  2. Bayswater Education is not responsible for the safekeeping and delivery of any personal property or post sent to students at Bayswater Education or for the safekeeping of exam results or certificates.

  3. Students must pay for any damages caused by them to College property or to the accommodation booked via Bayswater Education.

  4. Bayswater Education shall not be liable in the case of poor or non-performance of services provided by a third party that it has mediated.

16. Insurance

  1. Bayswater Education recommends that all students have travel insurance coverage, which includes medical, repatriation, and personal liability as a minimum.

    Canada - International students are required to obtain medical insurance for the duration of their stay in Canada. Students must provide proof of medical insurance on their first day of class. We do not ask for specific coverage such as personal liability. If students book a student residence provided through Bayswater Canada, they must purchase travel insurance directly from Bayswater Canada.

  2. Students are solely responsible for ensuring they have appropriate insurance in place to cover their travel, possessions, and attendance at Bayswater Education.

17. Data Protection

  1. In order to deliver education and protect students' welfare, Bayswater Education will collect and process personal data, including sensitive and special category personal data (as defined in the Data Protection Act 1998 and GDPR respectively) that relates to the student and their circumstances.

  2. Full details of the personal data collected and processed by Bayswater Education, the purposes for which it is collected, and the legal basis for doing so are contained in the Bayswater Privacy Policy which can be accessed via this link https://www.bayswater.ac/privacy-policy

18. Minor Students

Dependent on the location of study

  1. For the purposes of the T&Cs, a minor student is defined as follows depending on their school location:

    UK, France, South Africa & Canada (excluding Vancouver): a person who is 17 years old and younger.  

    Vancouver: a person who is 18 years old and younger.  

  2. Minor students study alongside adult students with minimal supervision outside class times.

  3. Parents and Guardians of minor students should read our parental consent form and are required to send us the completed and signed form before the student's arrival date. The parental consent form details the levels of supervision that Bayswater Education will provide for minor students. The Consent Form outlines the specific policies minors must follow, including but not limited to the homestay, attendance, and safety policies.  

  4. Minor students who wish to withdraw from the course will need to provide written confirmation of this in advance from a parent or guardian. The written consent should confirm the finish date of the course when the student will leave the country, and the travel details. 

  5. Minor students may need to carry a letter of consent to travel alone and present it, if requested, on arrival in the country.

  6. Minor student attendance should be 100%; written and detailed parental authorisation must be sent to the school for any planned absence at least 2 days in advance. Minor students must inform the school immediately in case of illness.

19. Agreement

  1. The current Bayswater Education Terms and Conditions supersede any previous Terms and Conditions that were applicable at the time of the student's booking.

  2. By either submitting an application or paying either a deposit or full fees the student has read, understood, and agree to the above conditions.

  3. These Terms and Conditions are applicable to all students. 

  4. All courses and accommodations offered are subject to availability.

  5. Bayswater Education reserves the right to cancel or make changes to course or accommodation arrangements without liability if obliged to by circumstances beyond its control or due to low demand or where the students preferred accommodation is unavailable. In such circumstances, Bayswater Education will offer the best alternative arrangements, dates, or venues available.

20. Feedback

  1. Students should bring any problems to our attention immediately in order for us to help.

  2. All feedback and complaints must be in writing. Feedback and complaint forms are available on my.Bayswater. 

  3. Canada - Dispute Resolution Policy

    1. This policy governs complaints from students respecting Bayswater Canada and any aspect of its operations. A student who makes or is otherwise involved in a dispute or complaint will not be subject to any form of retaliation by the institution at any time, and it will remain strictly confidential, except for the employees addressing the dispute.

    2. A student dispute or complaint can be made verbally or in writing to any Bayswater Canada employee. The issue must be documented in the student information system by the employee and referred to the Student Services Manager or Director of Studies, depending on the nature of the issue. The Student Services Manager or Director of Studies will discuss the issue with the Centre Director and arrange a meeting to discuss the dispute in-person with the student to seek a solution.

    3. If one of the two individuals is absent or named in the dispute, they will be removed from the group and a replacement manager from Bayswater Canada will be appointed to the group to deliberate the complaint.

    4. The student will have the opportunity to make an oral presentation of the dispute at the meeting and to have another person present or to have another person make the oral presentation on his/her behalf. The details will be minuted and stored in the student information system. The student making the complaint may be represented by an agent or lawyer.

    5. All disputes will be addressed, and a written reason and proposed resolution will be returned to the individual who submitted the complaint within 10 business days. 

    6. The written reasons will also advise a student, that if the student is dissatisfied with the determination, and has been misled by the institution regarding any significant aspect, they may raise the dispute with the following accrediting agency. Languages Canada (https://www.languagescanada.ca/en/).

    7. If not resolved at all other levels, Bayswater Vancouver students can file disputes with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) (www.privatetraininginstitutions.gov.bc.ca).  

    8. If not resolved at all other levels, Bayswater Toronto students can file disputes with the Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, Ministry of Colleges and Universities using the following contact information: Superintendent of Private Career Colleges, Ministry of Colleges and Universities and Universities Branch, 77 Wellesley St., West Box 977, Toronto, Ontario M7A 1L3.

21. General

  1. Students’ arrangements with Bayswater Education are governed by the law of the country where the particular school attended is located. 

  2. Public Holidays - In some of our locations on public holidays classes are normally not held and the location is closed on these public holidays. All published program start dates fall on a Monday. If the Monday is a public holiday, the start date will fall on a Tuesday. Compensation will not be made for classes not offered on public holidays. All location public holidays are stated on the individual pricelists.