South Africa

South Africa is famous for its striking views and wide diversity of animals. You’re so close to wildlife, you could be studying English in the morning and heading out on safari in the afternoon. The lush forests and sweeping landscapes are breathtaking, with 21 National Parks and 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Table Mountain is just minutes from the centre of Cape Town, one of South Africa’s Capitals.

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Studying in South Africa

South African culture is inherently welcoming, meaning you’ll have opportunities to practise your English from day one. Although South Africa has 11 official languages, English is the most predominant language in urban cities, and widely used in the media and business. Above all, it is one of the most affordable places to learn English, making it accessible to a variety of students from all over the world.

School Location

Bayswater Cape Town is currently our only centre in South Africa. In the heart of the city close to Green Market Square, our school gives you access to a variety of activities and excursions in addition to your English programme.

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Visa Information

Visa requirements in South Africa vary depending on your nationality and country of residence. You should contact the appropriate embassy in your home country before travelling; whilst our schools may be able to advise in certain areas, it is your responsibility to obtain the correct visa and documentation before coming.

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