February 07, 2023

What do you Learn in Fashion School?

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Our bespoke courses give you a glimpse into the world of fashion in two fashion capitals of the world; London and Paris. What could beat studying fashion in one of these global powerhouses? In an industry that’s constantly changing, we are constantly updating our course to ensure that we’re teaching content that’s interesting, relevant and on-trend. You will learn through a variety of channels including lectures, workshops, industry visits and group projects. 

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Core Skills  

Both of our fashion courses look at a particular set of skills to boost your career in fashion.

In Luxury Brand Management, you'll learn how high-end, premium and luxury brands position and market their products. You'll gain insight into the importance of social digital platforms in the formation of successful branding, and how to approach the concept of luxurious branding in the heart of London.​ Fashion Communication The Fashion offers you an insight into the world of fashion and the diverse methods and professions that are focused on the communication of image, style and brand. It encompasses public relations, fashion journalism, photography and digital platforms with an overview of fashion theory.​

Even better? You can combine both of these courses for a full fashion diploma.

Conceptual Skills 

Learn to imagine, develop and create. Take a journey through fashion from inspiration and conception, all the way to the finished product. Whether a design, a strategy or a brand, these skills will have you set for life and are applicable far beyond the realms of fashion.  

Practical Skills 

Hands-on skills are necessary in almost any industry, and fashion is no exception. Preparing for a photoshoot, creating a marketing plan and networking are all essential skills for anyone in the world of fashion. Organisation, coordination and attention to detail are key skills that will be developed on any one of these projects. 

Finding Employment 

As well as giving you the knowledge and skills you need to start a career in fashion, our courses also help you to gain access to the fashion industry. You’ll receive career advice, hear talks from speakers working in fashion, and gain exclusive access to industry events in your city. In London and Paris, these are the moments that could become key on your journey into fashion.