March 23, 2022

University Pathways!

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Is your dream to improve your English by studying at a Canadian university or college?

What if you were given an opportunity to do just that? Now is the time to start your application to attend one of our three Bayswater schools in Canada! Here at Bayswater, we help our students gain access to numerous Canadian universities and colleges through our partnerships.

But, what else do we do? Here’s how Bayswater helps international students:

We guide you through the entire process, starting with advising you on the appropriate program and determining the level of English proficiency needed to applying to your chosen university or college.

We are excited to announce that our Bayswater University and College Pathway Program offers many new features and benefits to our students. 

  • Now, Bayswater students can choose from two matriculation points at B2 or C1 of the CEFR Levels, depending on the requirements of the program the student hopes to attend at a university or college.

  • Students can apply for direct entry into many of our Canadian university or college partner programs without having to write an English proficiency test like IELTS. Most of our educational partners will waive the requirement for an English proficiency test when you have completed your studies with Bayswater.

  • While some institutions still require the IELTS test, Bayswater students receive a free IELTS test waiver.

  • We have new Pathway Program materials and a dynamic new curriculum to challenge and inspire students to succeed in the higher education program of their choice.  

  • Bayswater continues to grow its list of Pathway partners across Canada. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to our website.

  • We have new advising materials to help consult with students and help them to enroll.

  • As a prospective student, you will consult with appointed experts in your country who can give you specialist advice on Bayswater’s courses, as well as any visa requirements you will need to study in Canada. 

Here are some of our Canadian educational partners and the credentials you could earn:  

Our partners include SAIT, Bow Valley College, Algonquin College, Douglas College, Centennial College, Seneca College, Olds College, Georgian College, Lakeland College, Capilano University and Toronto Metropolitan University.

Students can earn Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Bachelor's Degrees, Graduate Certificates, and Master’s Degrees. Length of study varies from 1 to 4 years. 

Apply to our Pathways Program now!

Bayswater Canada has a Pathway Department with experienced Pathway consultants who can help advise students and agents with their application, answer enquiries (email [email protected]), academic progress tracking, application submission and follow-up.

Bayswater’s dedicated Pathway consultants provide support for students not just when they apply to study and arrive in Canada, but as they work through the program. 

Every Pathway Program student enjoys:

  1. A personalized Pathway plan. 

  2. Visits to local University and College campuses. 

  3. Assistance with up to 3 applications. 

  4. Guidance navigating the admission process. 

  5. In-school presentations, fairs, and networking events. 

  6. Regular one-to-one meetings with Pathway consultants to track success.

What does the process look like? 

  1. Take our online diagnostic test to assess your current English language proficiency and determine your study duration.

  2. Complete the application process where you will select a Bayswater location in Canada and contact the Pathway Program team. 

  3. Apply to your chosen university or college with our guidance.

  4. Receive your conditional acceptance letter from the university or college.

  5. Begin your English program with Bayswater.

  6. Graduate from Bayswater and commence your studies at your chosen university or college program.

Questions about the Pathway Program? 

Start with our online English language test to determine how long you will need to study at one of our schools.  

Explore the information about Bayswater’s Pathway Program on our website or review our Bayswater University and College Pathway Program flyer.

Note: The Pathway Program is available at no additional cost to students who are studying our super-intensive English (30 lessons per week).  

If you're interested in studying English at Bayswater Canada and progressing to a Canadian university or college, please complete our Advising Form and email it to [email protected].

Want to learn more? Visit our website to explore Bayswater’s Pathway Program, or contact us.