Canada is the land of two million lakes, with lush forests, fierce grizzlies and modern metropolises. You can stay in a bustling city and still be just moments away from jaw-dropping views and National Parks. Canada is also known for its inviting culture, safe inner cities and exceptionally friendly people, making it the perfect destination for your language study stay.

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Studying in Canada

English is the predominant language in most parts of Canada, and the friendly locals are sure to lend a hand when you’re practising English outside of the classroom. In all three of our destinations, you can study a professional certificate in Digital Marketing, Project Management or International Business, on its own or on the same trip as your English classes!

School Locations

We have three schools in Canada: Bayswater Vancouver, Bayswater Toronto and Bayswater Calgary. All of our schools offer convenient locations with proximity to shops, bars, restaurants and entertainment, with each showing off a different aspect of Canada’s diverse culture. Take a look at our destinations below to find your perfect school.

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Visa Information

Requirements and regulations for Canadian visas vary from country to country. Students are advised to contact the appropriate Embassy in their home country well in advance of their planned travel dates in order to arrange documentation. Individual schools will be able to advise on certain procedures upon arrival, however, it is the student's responsibility to attain the appropriate documentation and correct class of visa before coming.

Other Destinations


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Global Stories

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