March 23, 2022

University Pathways!

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How would you like the opportunity to study English abroad? What if you could not only do that, but also gain access to established institutions with whom Bayswater partners? Not only that, but we will also offer assistance in choosing the appropriate course and furthermore, guide you through accessing the wide range of excellent institutions associated with us. But wait! There is even more! Most of these universities will even waive their required English exam when you have completed your studies with us in Canada! Not only will you receive a quality English education, but you will also be able to implement your learning right away through the great opportunity to further your educational background. The university pathway program includes benefits such as: 

  1. Access to 17 partner universities throughout North America

  2. Visits and/or tours of local college campuses

  3. Guidance from staff that can track and support specific admission timelines

  4. Support through counseling services with trained professionals at each school during the admissions process 

  5. Conditional acceptance and/or TOEFL and IELTS waiver with most partners 

  6. Networking events with international, university alumni 

This program is designed from the inside out to build confidence in each individual student by providing the tools to succeed. This course creates an opportunity to learn or improve on English accuracy as well as fluency. Another great aspect about this curriculum is that it not only encourages learning in the classroom, but in real world situations where some of the most meaningful education happens. 

What does the process look like? 

First, you will start by finding your current level of understanding in the English language by taking our online academic test to determine how long you will need to study at one of our schools.  

Next, there will be an application process where you will select a Bayswater/Eurocentres location in Canada and contact the pathways team. 

After that, individuals will apply to their chosen institution. Students will be provided guidance in submitting transcripts as well as writing their application to the university they have selected. 

The next step is to collect a letter of conditional acceptance to the university/college. 

After that its off to the races and you will begin your English programme with Bayswater! 

Upon successful completion of your course, you will then be able to begin the university programme at the university that was applied to. 

To learn more about Bayswater's Pathway Programme, please visit: