Our students were invited to visit the SalesForce Tower in The City. SalesForce is one of the world's lrgest software companies  and was voted one of the Most Innvoative Companies in the World by Forbes in 2018.

Bayswater Education is proud to announce its first project as part of its newly formed charity, Bayswater Foundation.

We welcomed award winning entrepreneur Tripti Maheshwari to talk to our students in the college. She shared her experience of looking for a job in the UK after finishing her degree and gave tips to help our students if they are looking for job either here or back in their home country.

Most people find job hunting stressful and frustrating rather than exciting. It is perfectly normal you feel pressure, you want to get a job after all. Having a great CV may help you be shortlisted, but it only means that you passed the first recruitment stage. Once you are invited for a job interview, the real fun begins.

Bayswater College and RefuAid have teamed up to offer scholarships to refugees in London.