Bayswater Education announces the acquisition of LSC Stanton, a large English language school in central London.

 Bayswater was founded by Stephan Roussounis and James Herbertson, who both have extensive experience in the international education sector. The business launches as the first Social Enterprise in International Education. For every student Bayswater teaches, they will teach another from a disadvantaged background.

Stephan, who will head up the operation as Managing Director, said:

“This has been a personal dream of ours for a while. We work in a sector that benefits the few, and there are many more who don’t have the resources to fund their studies. Education is the key to transforming lives and we strongly believe that Bayswater Education will provide the platform not just for those studying in our school but those not so fortunate as well.”

LSC Stanton, based in Bayswater, central London, was formed in 2016 through the merger of two long standing institutions of English Language, LSC and Stanton School of English.


Stephan continues:

“LSC Stanton has been accredited by the British Council for over 40 years and has an experienced team in place. We look forward to working closely with them, and existing partners. We are sure we have acquired a great platform for future growth.”

Bayswater will establish a separate charity and dedicate revenue to supporting education projects overseas. James, who will lead the charity, added, “for example when Renata comes from Rio to study in our school for 10 weeks, we will fund Fabrizio from the favela to have 10 weeks of English classes. English is the great enabler. Being able to speak English opens doors and gives students a leg up in life to get a better job and provide for their families.”

Nick Bray will step down as MD of LSC Stanton and will acquire a stake in Bayswater and sit on its board as a non-executive director, where his corporate finance experience will be welcome as Bayswater looks to grow rapidly.

Nick comments:

“This represents a fantastic opportunity for the school, its staff and other stakeholders. Stephan and James have a compelling vision to take the school forward and the social mission to educate those less fortunate is unique and market leading”.

Bayswater Education plans to invest in renovating the facilities and modernise the business model, launching a new brand for the school later this year. It is looking to acquire other schools in the UK in 2019 and roll out internationally in 2020.