Bayswater has not let COVID-19 stop us from continuing our commitment to help those from less privileged backgrounds. For every student we teach in our colleges, we will teach another on a one-for-one basis.

During this global epidemic we have partnered with Refuaid to offer their refugees, asylum seekers and forced migrants English language classes online. Many of the participants are trained doctors, pharmacists and nurses that aspire to work in the NHS that lack the level of English needed to pass their IELTS or OET exams.

We believe there are many amazingly talented people in the UK who come from refugee backgrounds. It is a tragic waste that they cannot return to resurrecting their careers here and filling much needed posts in our health service or on our building sites. The reasons are often complex, but clearly English language level is a large barrier to rebuilding their lives. Anna Jones, co-founder of Refuaid, commented “Thanks so much for the access to classes, they are really keeping our students going in so many cases. Many will still be able to accept university offers for September”

Bayswater has seized the opportunity to teach online. Rather than be limited to giving scholarship spaces in our colleges in presential classes, where we normally gift up to 5 places, we have run dedicated classes online to people up and down the country. Bayswater has also focused in on the literacy challenges that many people from a refugee background struggle with, by having dedicated workshops addressing academic issues that come up in the online classroom.

At first we started with 21 students in three classes and have now thanks to an appeal for more volunteer teachers, Bayswater has expanded the programme and expect to be teaching more than 60 students in the coming weeks. James Herbertson, Director of Bayswater, “I am proud of the teachers that have give up their time to teach because they believe in helping people from a refugee background and wish all those on the programme the best of luck in achieving their goals.”

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