Last week we welcomed the team from MenteeMe to the college to deliver a session, as part of our free lunchtime Professional Talks series.

Co-founders Anjulie Blunden and Anthony Clements hosted the session, talking about careers in digital technology and the importance of finding and making use of mentoring relationships.

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Careers in Digital Technology are important for anyone considering their job prospects. The profession is far-reaching and offers a lot of opportunity as demonstrated by a report from Tech Nation.

  1.   There are 2.1 million jobs in digital tech in the UK
  2.   Employment in the digital tech sector is increasing
  3.   The sector commands higher salaries compared to non-digital jobs

Careers in Digital Tech are in every sector

Jobs in digital tech are now disrupting and evolving almost every sector where people work today. The inclusion of technology to automate, streamline or create more effective and efficient results is seen everywhere. Where technology has begun to create or change an industry an offshoot of that sector is born, labelling itself as “[sector]tech”, for example; healthtech.

In the traditional finance sector banks and the way money is exchanged is being heavily disrupted, called Fintech. New companies such as Monzo now offer a digital, mobile-first way for people to bank. In property, the Proptech sector is seeing more businesses look at ways of digitalising services to make them more efficient and easier for the user, such as Purple Bricks, the online estate agent. Foodtech is seeing digital services such as Deliveroo growing in popularity, making it easier to get multiple food deliveries from one online website or app. In healthtech there are lots of companies emerging that are focussed around offering services that allow people to be proactive with their healthcare. These companies provide more data and use technology to show people where they need to make changes to their lifestyle, such as adjusting diet or adding supplements before someone gets ill. And there are many other sectors where digital tech is changing how those sectors operate, including Edtech (education), Fashiontech and MADtech (marketing and advertising technology).

MenteeMe discussed with our students how every sector is undergoing a digital revolution, and even if someone wishes to go into a sector such as healthcare, law, or agriculture technology will continue to change how that sector operates in the future.

Jobs exist in Digital Tech that we have never even heard of

MenteeMe discussed the variety of roles that are available under the umbrella term of ‘digital tech’. These can range from jobs that require specific technical abilities, and can include roles like software developers and database engineers, who generally need to learn coding languages. They also talked about roles that are more suited to ‘soft skills’ such as people who manage the social media for a company or write content that goes on a website. What was particularly interesting is that there are so many roles and job titles that many people do know even know exist! It’s estimated that there are over 500 different role types in digital tech, most of which are unknown to people outside of the sector. This presents people with a great opportunity to get into a lucrative profession that has lots of opportunity.

How to get into Digital Tech roles

Interestingly, the MenteeMe team explained that you can get an entry-level job in digital tech with little or no experience. There are lots of opportunities to learn, and lots of jobs where the company will provide training as you work. These roles are often junior positions but promotion and the opportunity to progress exists within the sector.

With so much opportunity it can be tricky to know where to start when looking for a job in digital tech. This is where having a mentor can be helpful. A mentor can be someone who is there to talk to, and offers impartial advice with no motive. They can help you to learn and discuss topics, or provide their opinion. Finding someone that has experience and is willing to share that experience with you as you choose your job and hopefully progress upwards in your career can be very useful. This is the reason that MenteeMe created an app; to help people who want to go into a career in digital tech to find a mentor.

It was great to offer our students an opportunity to meet with people who work in digital technology, to hear first-hand experiences of the workplace and discuss the job opportunities that exist in this vibrant and expanding sector.

Interested in Digital tech roles?

From January 2019 Bayswater College will be running the Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. Accredited by the Digital Marketing Institute, this course gives a grounding knowledge of all areas of the Digital Marketing world and is a great first step into a career in Digital Marketing.

You can find out more about our course here.