Bayswater College, launches exciting portfolio of Junior courses in 4 locations for summer 2019....

Bayswater Education, a newly established social enterprise in international education, has entered the English Language Junior Summer School market. Launching in 2019, Bayswater will offer courses on 3 university campuses as well as Central London homestay programme. Courses will be offered at the University of Nottingham, University of Hertfordshire and University of Essex.

Bayswater Summer

As well as the university campuses, Bayswater will also operate a Junior centre in central London at Kensington Park School. This will be available to groups with homestay accommodation as well as families and local residents on a course only or day camp basis.

Trends in the ELT sector consistently show higher growth in child and teen travel than traditional adult individual students with the latest English UK Student Statistics Report showing in 2017 under 18s comprised of 55% of all enrolments in the Private UK ELT sector in 2017.

Having recruited a team with experience and expertise in the junior market, Bayswater are confident that they have curated the right portfolio of locations and programmes to meet the needs of the market with a focus on maximising the value for money given in their programmes.

Stephan Roussounis, Managing Director of Bayswater Education said, “It is clear that there is growth in the junior market and, whilst there are many people operating in this market, we feel that we can offer something different. We will be offering more learning opportunities outside of the classroom for our students and giving them the opportunity to see as much as possible during their stay.” 

Jamie Tyler, Bayswater’s Commercial Manager added, “Our experienced team have put together innovative programmes and we will continue to look to do things differently and offer something interesting and unique to our clients and this has been received positively by our partners.”

Bayswater Education operates on a one for one model and Bayswater Summer will be no different, for each course delivered in the UK Bayswater will sponsor a course for an underprivileged child who does not have access to language education.

Bayswater Summer becomes a new department of Bayswater Education alongside Bayswater College, their year-round operation offering English Language courses for adults and junior groups as well as accredited professional short courses.