An Adventure through Education

Welcome to Bayswater College, founded in 1973. We offer engaging experiences through education at all stages of life. Whether you’re at school or university, job seeking, professional or retired, our courses will help you develop your career and enhance your life.

Through adventure, education and formal qualifications, Bayswater College has been providing global citizens with valued experiences for over 45 years.

About Us


Bayswater College offers a variety of courses that can help improve your communications skills or develop specialised expertise needed for your career. Our teachers are passionate about what they do, care about your progress and ensure you meet your goals.

Our support team is here to make sure your life outside the classroom goes as well as possible.
We are here to help and advise, your happiness is a measure of our success.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing courses offer certification in a rapidly growing industry. Developed by industry leading experts, this certification program will introduce you to the most relevant and transformative aspects of digital marketing.



Our Fashion Certificates introduce you to the main commercial areas of fashion. Whether you are an industry professional and want to upgrade your skills, or you are considering a career in fashion, these courses will give you a London edge and inspire you in your future endeavours.

Why Bayswater?
Because we are...

For Global Citizens

We look beyond our borders; we embrace new cultures and are richer for it. We give access to education from the heart of London to the rest of the world. You are all welcome.

For Guidance

We take care of the little things at every step of your journey. From enrollment to graduation, we want you to know there’s always someone here to help.

For Students

Everything we do is geared toward student success and safety. We know that confidence is an essential tool in learning and are here to encourage that confidence. Our focus is on the good you are doing.

For Serious Fun

Your overall experience is important to us and we know fun is a large part of adventure. We aim to introduce you to like-minded people so that your friendships are our legacy.

Business for good

We provide the skills to change people’s lives. For every student we teach, we will teach another from a disadvantaged background. We provide classes beyond our borders and extend our commitment to education to regions where they are most needed.

How to enrol

Agent Enquiries:Our Agents are appointed experts in your country and can give you specialist advice on our courses, as well as any visa requirements. Contact us for an Agent in your area.

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for Good

At Bayswater College we believe that education should not be limited to those that can afford it. That’s why we are committed to a business model that puts people before profit.

Education provides people with a key to the world. Our mission is to open doors for all and inspire the next generation

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At a Glance









  • Item 1

    “We met on the very first student orientation event and found we both love art. I took her to Picasso at the Tate, and she took me on a street art tour of Notting Hill. Together we have walked along the whole of the Regents Canal!”

    Reima, Indonesia and Rebeca, Brazil

  • Item 2

    “Our residence was brilliant, I made friends from many different places and we’ll defnitely visit everyone’s home countries. Bayswater have opened a door to the whole world for me.”

    Kayaka, Japan

  • Japanese

    “The staff and teachers at Bayswater took care of all the details so that we could focus on giving our students the best experience possible in London."

    Laurence, Group leader from France