Luxury Hotel Internship Programme

A brand new offering from Bayswater to accelerate your path to career success with the Youth Mobility Scheme visa.

Combine our Professional Certificates along with optional language learning together with a paid internship in the UK's leading luxury hotels.

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Mix and Max Language and Professional courses.
Gain experience with a 6-month paid internship.
Gain exposure to the world of luxury hotels.
Meet and learn from top executives and experts.

Our Partners

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Internships Available

Human Resources
Customer Service
Food & Beverage Management

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Age Limit

8 weeks of study & 24 weeks internship

Minimum Duration

Start Dates


How do I apply?

1. Apply to study for a minimum of 8 weeks
2. Select Premium Package course/courses
3. Apply for Internship Placement
4. Provide evidence of level or ask for pre level test

Please note that applying for the YMS Visa is the student's responsibility.

Wide range of study options

  1. All English intensities

  2. *Luxury Brand Management

  3. *International Business Management

  4. *Digital Marketing

* Please note that B2 English is required and these certificates are only available at our London school.

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Career Skills Workshops

  • Workplace Skills and Resilience

  • Creating a Functional CV

  • Refining Your CV

  • Completing Job Applications and Cover Letters

  • Understanding and Preparing for Interviews

  • Practicing Interview Skills

  • Advanced Interview Techniques At the Interview and Beyond

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Why Study at Bayswater?

Bayswater bridges the skills gap by providing global experiences that helps students with the skills and confidence to thrive in the future of work. Our unique programs blend academics with real-world experience. By the end of a Bayswater program, students leave knowing the skills to make a positive impact on the world.