IELTS Preparation

Prepare for this internationally recognised exam which is the standard qualification for universities, employers, and for visa purposes. Improve your competence in English and learn the skills necessary to achieve your exam goals.

The course will help you:

Achieve the best IELTS exam results possible by improving your reading, listening, speaking, and academic writing skills. You will also improve your grammar and vocabulary knowledge. Qualified instructors will share exam preparation techniques and regular practice exams will prepare you to take this exam with confidence.

Where I can study this course?

  • London
  • Liverpool

Key facts

  • Level: Upper Intermediate +
  • Lessons per week – 20, 25 or 30
  • Start date: any Monday
  • Minimum number of weeks: 1
  • Item 1

    “I have a place at university in the UK and taking an IELTS course gives me the best start to my degree.”

    Sinas, Turkey

    IELTS Preparation is available as a Core Course and you can add modules to increase the intensity of your course.

    IELTS Preparation Course Schedule

    How to enrol

    Agent Enquiries:Our Agents are appointed experts in your country and can give you specialist advice on our courses, as well as any visa requirements. Contact us for an Agent in your area.

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