Our students were invited to visit the SalesForce Tower in The City. SalesForce is one of the world's lrgest software companies  and was voted one of the Most Innvoative Companies in the World by Forbes in 2018.

Bayswater College organises a company visit as part of our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing to give our students opportunities to see how tech companies operate. Who knows one of our students may go on to build their own unicorn? Beyond having a guided tour around an institution, we like to open it up to all our students to join as there so much to learn about company values, culture and way of working. We were not disappointed.

When you walk in to the SalesForce Tower you are struck by the view of this enormous fish tank. Europe’s largest privately-ownedaquarium we later find out. This impressive tank filled with eels and over a thousand exotic fishes in 70,000 litres of water. Our host for the day Etienne Soumoy came down personally to meet us with a big beaming smile. He greeted all the students personally and took us up in the G-force lift, zooming us to the 29th floor.

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Wanting to avoid any caffeine or sugar lows we were treated to a selection of coffees, teas and snacks. Beyond the chocolate bars, what was so sweet was the welcome they had laid on. Our students would have been quite happy to do a quick walk around and meet one person. Etienne had lined up John to give a presentation and two recent graduates to do a Q&A. We virtually had a one to one ratio of SalesForce team member to visitor! SalesForce talk of their ‘Ohana’, Hawaian for family, and we felt the full embrace.

What stood out in all of the people we met from the reception team to the new team members we were able to interview was the clear strength of their culture. The ‘Ohana’ we were told is built on Trust, Growth, Innovation and Equality. They might otherwise have sounded like empty words, when blazoned across the screen, but were brought to life in the stories that John, Dev, Millie and Etienne shared. They talked about their 1 – 1 – 1, where after donating equity and product to non-profits 1% of their time is given up to helping causes. Millie and Dev talked about charities they had help set up SalesForce for free with and were helping to change the world.

Visiting SalesForce was eye opening and inspiring for our students. They were positively gushing at the end. Thanks to Etienne and the rest of the team for sharing so much of their time with us. Our mission at Bayswater is to educate and inspire the next generation and visiting companies like SalesForce we took one step closer.

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